OUR MISSION: To facilitate communication among glass artists, to encourage education and promote excellence in the glass arts.


The benefits of membership in the IGGA are magnified when combined with
membership in an IGGA Local Chapter. Please consider joining an existing
local chapter, or if none exists in the vicinity, to consider forming one! The
IGGA's Board of Directors is here to help guide you.

The IGGA provides seed money, model bylaws, advice and moral support to assist in forming new chapters. All that is needed to start a Local Chapter is ten (10) IGGA Artist Memberships (three willing to be officers), enthusiasm and a love of glass. Local Chapters operate under bylaws tailored to each Chapter's membership. Each Chapter sets its own agenda, which could consist of sharing knowledge about glass, sponsoring classes, filed trips, retreats, hands-on "play days", show and tell sessions, or just sharing wine and glass talk.

Benefits to being a part of a Local Chapter include:

  • Up close and personal communication with others working in glass
  • Opportunities for group learning experiences with skilled teachers in the field
  • Personal help with glass questions, problems and assistance
  • Nonprofit Status conferred through IGGA
  • Free website hosting
  • Support from the IGGA Board

One of our earliest chapters is still going strong!

The New England Chapter (IGGA-NEC) draws members from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Members meet once a month to talk to other glass enthusiasts, learn new skills and discuss special topics. The Chapter has a yearly educational weekend getaway with world class teachers, good food and lots of fun.



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